The humble origins of our team at digby & wigbert can be found diving in the old chat logs in our pal talk investing chat room where the start of our interest in bitcoin and cryptocurrency blossomed. Since buying Bitcoin at .33c (yes, .33c) in 2010, we have accumulated a vast amount of knowledge about crypto currencies and their future. This website is our way of giving back to the crypto community, helping fellow investors avoid scams and poor investment decisions. What was once a paid service is now free to the crypto community, we are not in this for profits. Stay tuned for updates and new crypto currency profiles and alerts.

Blue Skies and Green screens, from our team at DW.


John Digby, Allen Wigbert & Associates

John Digby

John Digby

#1 Co-founder of DigbyWigbert Crypto Research

Lives in Missoula, Montana with his wife Marilyn and two sons.

DOGE coin HODLer.

Contact: [email protected]

Allen Wigbert FOREVER #2

Allen Wigbert FOREVER #2

Yeah, John always likes being first. But who told you about Bitcoin at .33, John? Riddle me that.
I did. Ha Ha. No, but seriously I did.

Don't mean to toot by own horn but I gotta have some of the shine here, folks. Always being second and all. But to John's credit I will say he found DOGE in the .002s he's just more modest than i am 🙂

You guys know where to contact me. [email protected]