Our New Platinum Research Report: GameStonk Token Why our price target is 47300% higher than the current market price

Congratulations to our researchers and members on DOGE coin from Alexis Ohahian – Co-founder of Reddit.com (Click here to view his video)

Lots of people doubted our “too-good-to-be-true” DOGE coin .50 price target when we alerted at .0025. But we correctly read the market hype and made millionaires.

Our members have been asking us incessantly about when our new research report is coming and we are here to tell you the wait is finally over and that the waiting period was necessary and will be well worth it. Our international crypto research team consists of 12 remote staff members and contributors. These digby & wigbert staff members are the most knowledgeable the crypto world has to offer; each and everyone is already financially secure and unbiased in their research.

A lot of careful due diligence goes into each and every one of our alerts. Proof can be seen in our alert of DOGE coin where our members were alerted at .0025 and it most recently ran to a high of over .67. You do the math. We made millionaires. And we are very careful to preserve our immaculate track record. We now present you with our fresh, research-driven alert of GameStonk Token.

From Recent Press Release:

The GameStop community announces today’s launch of a new revolutionary anti-institutional crypto-currency. If you’re not familiar, GameStop (GME) is a publicly-traded company that was shorted heavily by institutions, so heavily that a group of traders (thousands of members of our GameStop Community) saw the potential opportunity to squeeze the institutions that were shorting GameStop stock into the ground. And give them a taste of their own medicine. GameStop stock, trading billions of dollars, rose quickly from $5 per share to $25 per share to a high of $483 per share in a very short time. And institutions were still short, many of the shares that were covered were shorted over again and many believe shares are naked shorted by the institutions that are supposed to be trading in a fair and equal opportunity market, rigged against the little guy. And members of our community are still holding strong through all ups and downs.

With many up millions of dollars in net profits. Why not cash out? Why not sell? Because the GameStop short squeeze has turned from wanting to get-rich-quick to a movement. A movement against the institutions that rig our markets. A movement for the little guy against the institutional manipulators that run our markets.

The only real future in crypto is when you can exchange without paying exorbitant fees. And the only way to do that is to get rid of the institutions that set these fees. Crypto should be like using paper money in the sense that it can be changed without paying all those fees. And that’s what GameStonk Token aims to do. To crush the huge companies charging 50% in fees and screwing the little guy and force the swap market to conform to zero-to-little fees or be despised by crypto users.

The future of cryptocurrency is in our GameSwap DEX. When you buy GameStonk Token you invest in the future of GameSwap DEX and will automatically be a Token Holder in GameSwap DEX.

Why is this cryptocurrency different? GameStonk Token is the only anti-institutional cryptocurrency and we are supported by the very community that started the GameStop movement.

We bring you:

GameStonk Token – The Revolution.

Why is this huge?

As their Press Release accurately states, the GME short squeeze that was heard around the world changed the way retail investors trade. And it spread awareness to uncovering the unfair practices of institutions against the little guy. All of the coins at digbywigbert.com released as reports to our members are put under intense scrutiny and only those that hold up are then released to our community.

We are very impressed with the GameStonk Token story and more so with its future upcoming events. As we were equally impressed with the potential market hype of DOGE coin at .0025, and let us remind you that DOGE is over .60 now. Our team feels that GameStonk Token is the next coin that will catch the interest of the market. Everyone is looking for the next GME-type group investment, and this fits the bill perfectly, among many other factors, including the companies projected future international listings, GameSwap DEX launch, and current market conditions and psychology; lead us to our very bullish price target.

Read our DOGE report here to understand more why our alert of Gamestonk Token is a relevant and a great sympathy play in the market. The potential for Gamestonk Token is actually bigger than DOGE because it is not a meme-token but a real coin with a future in its GameSwap DEX that will change the industry.

GameStonk Token website

                                                       Price Target: .01


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